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Pro Agent, What Exactly is a Pro?

Do you know the difference between a pretender and a professional when shopping for your Real Estate Agent?

Sure, EVERY agent you meet will sell or introduce themselves as a "professional realtor," and why wouldn't they? It's what they consider themselves to be, as it's what they use as a primary financial vehicle to earn money. Pretty simple right? Most would think so. 

The next level to the PRO element, aside from a title on a business card and a license #... housing/market knowledge and negotiation skills. I will have to admit, these are critical componenents to being a PRO agent. An agent than can help you price your home accordingly... that can put together a search for your next home and help you get your financing in place for such a goal... then the ability to manage the negotiations along the way- yes, these are key skills within the trade. No doubt about that. However, do we celebrate a mechanic for knowing how to use tools? Do we trust a doctor for their anatomy memory? No, we trust the good ones for their ability listen, diagnose, and for their willingness to understand the root of any issues that may be in the way with our end goal in mind. 

In my 25 years of relationship based servitude (fitness career included), it's become simplisticly obvious to me that the PRO component is actually a very simple concept. It all lies in the INITIAL CONSULTATION. Yep, an in-depth conversation. This is a step that most agents will surely skip. Why? Because it takes time and energy, not some tool or app.

For good measure, let's get into the why behind the what. A good initial consultation (IC) can do so much for both the clients and the agent in advance of the journey. In doing so, we can air out any pre-conceived notions about real estate agents & the market, understand any financial hurdles that need to be jumped, create proper expectations for the process, goals (personal/financial), fears & stressors, etc... But, the biggest thing that I love to find out is the WHY! Not just the logistical/practical why, but the emotional why. The emotional why is the thing that is the catalyst that keeps the process going when it gets hard. Because selling, buying, moving... is hard. It's stressful.

In the end, we all have a why. I have mine, I want to know yours. The IC is also a chance for both parties to evaluate whether or not it's a good match for working together. 

So, IF the agent you meet at the next open house or at a friends kids birthday party doesn't insist on performing an initial consultation... let that be a yellow flag for you. Any agent (or person with a smartphone) can put together a search criteria for you and/or get a rough estimate of what your home is worth. If you're looking for a professional, keep the idea of an initial consultation in mind.. or just contact me! :)

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